Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Neil uses products from the Highland Wax Company, such as massage wax, beeswax and vegan body butter. All of which are designed to enhance your massage.

All of the products supplied by the Highland Wax Company are produced in the Scottish Highlands. They carefully research all of their ingredients and packaging; selecting recyclable & sustainable materials, and where viable reducing air-miles, without compromising the quality or presentation of their products.

As qualified chemists, owners Stuart & Mary-Ann have developed a range of excellent Beeswax based products, using the finest natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. You can find out more about the Highland Wax Company by visiting their website.

Client Reviews

Find out what Neil’s clients have to say about him.

Neil is a true professional. From start to finish his explanations showed a depth of understanding in his knowledge which set me at ease. The treatment and recommended exercises meant my shoulder injury improved much faster than I’d hoped for.

Mark Dullingham

Highly recommended. I met Neil at a run Wales event for a post run massage. Regular sports massage has played an important part of my training program. Apart from staying injury free Neil has given me excellent support and advice.

Sallyann O'Neill

Neil is very professional, made me feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. Gave me exercises and stretches to do between treatments, and has worked wonders with my back and shoulders. 100% using again.

Kim Ginger

Just had my 3rd deep muscle therapy from Neil. I always come away feeling like a new woman, relaxed, re energised with deep tissue healing. I find that a deep tissue massage once a month with Neil helps me to cope with my condition, fibromyalgia & tendonitis and lessens the pain that i'm in for at least another month.

Deb Marie

I have had 3 deep tissue massages from Neil, he really gets to the root of the problem. Professional and Knowledgeable. I have a lot more movement in my muscles after these sessions, Neil also shows you how to stretch properly in between sessions.

Victoria Watts

Neil has been treating my son Dom, who is 13 years old, for almost 2 years for various muscle tightness issues. He is always professional, thorough and goes above and beyond to help Dom. He has also helped him when he was suffering from Osgood-Schlatter disease during this year. Neil looked into this thoroughly and gave Dom various exercises and stretches to do.

Kate Peters

Neil came to me and my husband tonight after a back and leg injury from running he did a fab job will definitely be booking Neil again. Thanks Neil.

Stephen & Nicole Birkett

Neil’s Blog

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